Quench Box: for Brands

Is your beverage brand having trouble finding new customers? Are you looking for an effective way to scale your brand to the next level? Do you think your brand has the potential to be the next Coca-Cola of cold brew, kombucha or anything in between? If so, QuenchBox is the solution to all these concerns.


A New Approach to Marketing & Branding

As consumers are turned off by brand messages, losing trust and confidence - successful brands will build traction with influential peers and persons of influence

Consumers trust messages coming from people they know, having a stronger, more convincing and ‘sticky’ message. Finding the right influencers in the right social platform is critical for your brand's success. 

QuenchBox takes out all the guesswork, a true turnkey Influencer Program.

Introducing QuenchBox, the New Way to Grow Your Beverage Brand

QuenchBox is a monthly subscription box filled with awesome new beverages that are automatically sent out to our list of influencers. Each influencer works on an affiliate system where they get paid a percentage for every product they sell through their unique link. 

How does it work: 

1. We personally build your QuenchBox Audience based on location, niche, interests, etc. 

2. We develop the brand assets needed (beverages, etc) for influencers to easily promote your products. 

3. Influencers take pictures, post them on their social media, and promote your products to drive more brand awareness, traffic & sales. 

It's just that simple. 


What Makes us Different to a Regular Affiliate System? 

Most affiliate product sites do not offer enough assets to help influencers and/or brands create top quality content that will bring them the promotions they need. QuenchBox seeks to make it easy and intuitive for both parties to create consumer content and become easily profitable. 

As the marketing world begins to pivot towards a pure digital-realm, this is your time to begin making the most out of your beverage brand. Once huge companies like Coca-Cola and Budweiser discover the power of influencer marketing, it will be really hard to truly compete against them.

Today there is nothing stopping you from turning your beverage brand from a small farmers market to a massive empire. We give you everything you need, it's all up to you to make the decision. 



Are you Ready to Unleash the Power of Influence?