An Open Letter to CBD Beverage Brands in California…


Dear CBD brand owners in sunny California,

We get it, it’s tough to deal with the recent changes made by the FDA.

I remember two weeks ago I was walking down the Encinitas boardwalk and seeing nearly every business selling CBD beverages, CBD oils, and anything in between.


Now that the law has changed, I’m sure that most of those businesses have hidden their products from the public, waiting patiently for the legislation to change.

After talking to CBD brand owners who are currently struggling with this issue, I’ve concluded that this pause is probably the best thing that could have ever happened to the marijuana industry.

Why is this?

Because it gives business owners a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand outside of California through e-commerce.


You see, although California is a major hub for most CBD consumers, many people forget that neighboring states like Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado are major hubs for people who fall directly into their target demographic.

The only way to sell all of those hemp enthusiasts is through e-commerce, and almost no other brand in California is doing that right now. In fact, the only company that’s already on track to reaching an insane level of success through this tactic is Endo Water, and if the current regulations stay the same, they’ll be industry leaders in under a year.

This is your moment to make a name for your brand because as soon as laws are stable in the Golden State, competition is going to go back up. If your brand is well recognized, then there will be no stopping you from becoming a CBD giant.

The only thing that will make the difference between you waiting for the FDA to make up its mind to your business becoming the Coca-Cola of CBD is your mindset.

You CANNOT wait for the law to change if it’s already legal somewhere else and the barriers to entry to those markets are very small. At the end of the day, you have to make these decisions for yourself.


Best wishes,

Digital Marketing Manager, QuenchCo


Bottom Line: Focus on the mindset, as that's the most important part. For everything else related to the logistics of pivoting your CBD brand towards e-commerce, feel free to give us a call anytime. 

Mike Rosenbaum